Route 60 Trading post is conducting tours by appointment of the highlights of Magdalena. James is a great historian of the Magdalena area and shares some interesting stories on the history of the area along the tour route.

Come join in the fun and history of the Magdalena Village. Give us a call for available tours! (575) 854-3560

Stop 1 Lady on the Mountain

*rock slide and shaddows
*Sacred Mountain for the indigenous
*Safe Haven for Spanish Explorers from Indian attack
*Named Magdalena after Mary Magdalene
*Original town is 1 mi. NW called Pueblo Arieto
*Arieto-Sheep/Ram-Santa Fe Trail stop, Stage Coach Stop

Stop 2 Town of Kelly (Middle Town-1866)

*John Hutchason and Pete Kinisinger
*36 Mines: Graphic, Waldo, Juanita and Kelly
*1884, Officially named Kelly after John H. Kelly
*3,000 population at its peak.
*Chef export-silver, zink and lead
*Transport-oxen, horse and rail 1888
*Head Frame-designed by Alexander G. Eiffel
*Overlooked gem (Calamine or Hemimorphite)
*Smithsonite-Zink Carbonate
*Named: James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Inst.
*Shut down in 1947

Stop 3 Clemens House

*Earnest A. Clemens-Graphic Mine Chemist
*Nephew to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
*built in 1910
*imported Italian stone masons
*local quarry
*bred and trained horses (Morgan)for the US Calvary
*Black Jack Ketchum-robbed and held hostage for 2 days
*Basement Tunnels

Stop 4 Hilton House

*Born in San Antonio
*Conrad’s father had a merchantile
*Magdalena was a boom town
*Acording to my father b. 1910 Saloons, casinos and theator
*1 of 5 houses that servived that Hilton built
*Built his first hotel in San Antonio, NM

Stop 5 Stock Yards

*20,000 Cattle and sheep was herded all around NM and AZ.
*My father ran the chuck wagon on the cattle drives
*He helped count, weigh; separate cattle into shipping pens
*The end of the train gave way to trucking in 1971.

Stop 6 End of the trail

*Furthest west of the train spur from Socorro, NM
*End of the cattle drive and on to Chicago and E. Sea Board
*The rails from Socorro Spur was used at the VLA

Stop 7 Wells Fargo Bank

*Location to the Becker-McTabish Building
*One of the first Territorial banks
*A street in Belen, NM carries the family name
Stop 8 Vacant Lot
*Conrad built his second Hilton Hotel in Magdalena, NM
*His hotel in San Antonio was a bust
*He left for Texas
*bought and renovated existing hotels with his name
*The rest is history-the name Hilton is world wide
*The whole block was lost to fire-Insurance money

Stop 9 Illfield Warehouse

*Built in 1913
*Named after Charles Illfield
*provided ranch supplies against sales of cattle and sheep
*currently owned and opperated by Clark Brown

Stop 10 Trading Post

*cookies and refreshments
*Relax and enjoy local art
*Walk the Museum of Rust
*Local Historic Museum
Topics: by James N. Chaves
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Santa Fe Trail and Lions Kansas
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US revolutionary war
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